How Toilet Paper can Prevent COVID-19

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

How TP prevents COVID-19

You heard it here first, from your friendly neighborhood Chiropractor. Here's our simple steps for preventing Coronavirus in your household with your average roll of toilet paper:

Every time you use the restroom and see a roll of toilet paper, or are walking through the grocery store and see those last few rolls sitting in the aisles, I want you to think about this blog post and what I'm about to say.

We'd like to hope that the general population has been thoroughly washing their hands this WHOLE time, and not just recently as it seems to be when I notice all the hand soaps in our local Fred Meyers are gone. But in addition to washing hands and sanitizing all the things, what are you doing to bolster your body's immune system? We like to think of the human body's immune system as one of the greatest gifts to mankind. Given the proper nutrition and supplements, and all around acting with a prevention mindset, illnesses can be often prevented to begin with (or at the very least the duration of said illness shortened).

One of the biggest problems with COVID-19, is it's varying incubation period. The CDC conducted an investigation revolving around an outbreak at a mall in China, in late January/early February of 2020. They found that the incubation period for the Coronavirus ranged anywhere from 1-17 days in the patients involved in the outbreak. That means that there could be up to 17 days where a person is contagious with COVID-19, walking around in public, seemingly healthy and normal, all the while spreading the virus. THIS, in my opinion, is the largest concern with Coronavirus, and the main cause behind closing schools and encouraging people to remain in their homes.

Most of the deaths from the Coronavirus, were from people who sadly were elderly or immune- compromised. What we can take from this, is that by doing what we can to support our immune system, we can help prepare our bodies before they get sick. This can help shorten the recovery period. Methods of immune support include and are not limited to:

-Taking Elderberry Syrup

-Taking Zinc regularly

-Cutting out sugary foods/drinks

-Loading up on fruits and vegetables and wholesome meals

-Diffusing Thieves/OnGuard essential oils

-Drinking lots of water (half your body weight in ounces)

-Local, raw/organic honey

-Drinking homemade bone broth

-Getting regular sleep

-Cooking with garlic (some people take garlic shots)

-Taking ginger (in tea, kombucha, or however else you like it)

-Refrain from smoking

-Regular exercise

These methods are not to cure any virus, but used to boost your immune system so that your body can do what it was designed to do- fight off bacteria and viruses. To sum it all up, no. Toilet paper will NOT directly prevent COVID-19 (so maybe think about not buying it all up next time you're at the grocery store). But now having read this, I hope that next time you see a roll of toilet paper, you'll be reminded by our catchy blog post title and think about what actions you can take to boost your immune system.

Take care,

Dr. Daniel Huschka, DC



Dr. Daniel Huschka is a chiropractor, licensed by the state of Oregon. This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or give medical advice. This is for educational purposes only.

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